Thrifted Jeans, a Cleveland Greenhouse, and Wish You Were Here

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Outfit details: Madewell Jeans / J.Crew Turtleneck / Old Cardigan (Similar) / Madewell Boots

Hi! How was your week? Did you get snow? How was your Easter? Mine was great. We had Easter brunch in Cleveland and Easter dinner in Pittsburgh. I dyed eggs with my 3-year-old niece, watched as Easter baskets were found, enjoyed peeps and deviled eggs, and had an all around nice weekend. This week, I’m pretty busy with work. I have two big projects I’m trying to get in a good place before the weekend. I was sad to see snow make its return earlier this week, but I can’t even be mad about it anymore because this weekend’s weather looks glorious.

I wanted to wear something “springy” despite the weather, so I broke out my cropped jeans and bright scarf this week. Notice I’m still wearing my warm layers and boots. It’s all about balance in the spring time. I found these Madewell jeans on Poshmark for half the retail price. I love a good bargain that’s also sustainable, and Madewell jeans are easy to find on sites like that.

Discovering Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

While I was home for Easter, my dad introduced me to Rockefeller Park Greenhouse & Botanical Garden, a pretty little escape just up the road from the Cultural Gardens (another Cleveland must-see). It has a combination of beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens. We were greeted by a gorgeous magnolia tree when we arrived and The Mall, their traditional formal garden with clipped hedges and statues. Inside there were more sculptures, rock and water features, and beautiful rows of tulips, lilies, and hydrangea. While we were there, we bought irises from a man selling what seemed like close to 100 varieties. It’s easy to find and quick and easy to walk through. It’s the perfect place to stop after visiting the Art Museum or Natural History Museum.    

Reading Wish You Were Here

I finished my ninth book of the year, Wish You Were Here, by Jodi Picoult. I need to warn you this book is about the early days of COVID. So if that still haunts you, especially if you’re a healthcare worker who was on the frontlines, you may want to avoid this book. That being said, now that we’re two years out, it was interesting to look back at that time during the pandemic, especially from the perspective of a frontline doctor. The setup is that Diana and her boyfriend Finn are on track to reach all of the major milestones in life: get engaged, buy a house, have a family. But when COVID hits, this interrupts their plans, including a trip to the Galapagos. Plot wise, I can’t say anymore because I don’t want to ruin it, but I thought it was an interesting reflection on how the pandemic changed many people and, at times, made us question our own realities. It was also an interesting look at relationships and how they can change over time. There is some travel lust, so it’s not all serious. And there were times when it lagged, but that is to be expected when describing how the world was shut down. For the most part, I couldn’t put it down. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you have a fabulous week and enjoy the nice weather this weekend!

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