Slowing Down, Decluttering, and a Great Recipe

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Outfit Details: Treasure & Bond Dress / Madewell Boots / Thrifted Scarf

And just like that Easter is upon us. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m busier than I have been in the last two years, but the season of lent went by in a blur. I gave up scrolling on social media, allowing myself a pass only to share my blog posts once a week and respond to comments. It’s been harder for some reason than it was last time, so I’m trying to make this last week really count. I’m also trying to take this time to really slow down. Also easier said than done.

Instead of filling my weekend with various activities, I took the time to declutter and organize areas of the apartment that had been neglected. The pantry cupboards and entryway shoe collection are much tidier as a result, and I feel reinvigorated. It’s amazing the effect organizing a space can have on my mentality!

Saturday night we enjoyed a great dinner after attending early Palm Sunday mass. I wore this green sweater dress and my favorite scarf, which I may repeat for Easter given the weather forecast. I made this delicious spring gnocchi recipe and Trader Joe’s mushroom truffle ravioli. Both were easy and really hit the spot.

Sunday afternoon, when I finally emerged from the apartment, the weather miraculously became sunny and beautiful. The skies were so blue, and the grass was so green it looked fake. I took this picture while walking through a local park and just had to share.

In the interest of slowing down and relaxing a bit, I’m going to keep this post brief. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and get to enjoy some downtime!  

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