My Fall Wear-to-Work Capsule Wardrobe

Polka Dot Blouse / Green Blouse / Black Turtleneck / White Shirt
Camel Turtleneck / Cream Cable Knit Sweater / Maroon Crew Neck Sweater / Gray V-Neck
Jackets & Cardigans
Plaid Blazer / Gray Cardigan / Camel Blazer / Jean Jacket
Bottoms & Dresses
Black Skinny Jeans / Dark Wash Skinny Jeans / Black Skirt / Floral Print Dress
Burgundy Loafers / Leopard Print Flats / Tan Ankle Boots / Black Heels

Getting dressed the last few months has been weird. For a while, I was working from home half the week and going into the office the other half. Life is back to normal in some ways, but in others, not so much. There are definitely fewer occasions to “get dressed up.” Now that I’m going back into the office full time, I’m starting to find my footing, and I like the idea of using a capsule wardrobe for my work week.

This is my fall wear-to-work capsule wardrobe. It consists mostly of items I already own or items inspired by something I own. There are still some pieces I’d like to add. For example, I would love to find a pair of bone straight leg jeans or a great floral print midi skirt, but for now, this feels complete.

I’ve tried a lot of capsule wardrobe approaches over the years, but focusing on one season at a time has always been something I’ve preferred. I tend to go for tan, black, cream, and jewel tones in the fall and winter and pastels, navy, and white in the spring and summer. It’s a lot easier to keep things cohesive if I don’t try to mix those two color palettes. Although there is some overlap.

My company lets us wear jeans, so you’ll notice that this wardrobe is not super dressy. If you are using this as a framework and need something dressier, you could easily swap out the jeans for nice pants or more skirts and dresses and the jean jacket for a fancier blazer.

I hope this helps you feel inspired if you’re heading back into the office or starting to get dressed again!

Welcome, It’s Time to Get Dressed Again

It’s springtime, the weather’s getting warmer, birds are chirping, and I’m beginning to feel a cautious sense of optimism. Although we’re not out of the woods yet, a post-pandemic world is coming into focus. 

With both doses of the vaccine done, I’m starting to make plans. I have birthday parties, weddings, and other rescheduled events to look forward to. My social calendar is filling up. 

I’m starting to dust the cobwebs off the frilly dresses and fussy tops reserved for such occasions. I’m looking forward to wearing shoes with a heel again. In between fantasizing about my post-pandemic social life and daydreaming about what I’ll wear, I’m taking time to reassess life before the pandemic. What aspects do I want to leave behind, and what do I want to take with me?

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know I love fashion and the creative outlet it provides. Sharing my outfits has long been a hobby of mine. I love mixing and matching different pieces to create a look. 

At the same time, I know fashion takes a substantial toll on the environment. Everything is made for the moment and made to be disposable. And it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find quality clothing designed to last.

As I slowly return to pre-pandemic activities, I want to continue to be very thoughtful about my purchases by using a capsule wardrobe. For those who don’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to create different outfits. The idea is to limit your closet to only the pieces that work well together and that you wear often.

What I like about a capsule wardrobe is it has forced me to take account of and appreciate what I already own and better understand my style preferences. Inspired by that idea, I wanted to create a place where I could share my minimalist approach to style and anything else that strikes my fancy — great food, good books, and life in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Hence, Christina’s Capsule was born. I hope you enjoy it!